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At AMA UK CONSULTANCU LTD we have in depth knowledge of the telecommunications industry and can offer site surveys and drawing services, design, structural analysis for all equipment support platform, antenna support structure, foundation design and tower analysis using MSTOWER and STADPRO.

Design and detailing of structural steel work for supporting heavy telecommunication equipment to BS 5950.

Structural design/assessment of new/existing building structure using current code of practice in most building material including Reinforced Concrete, Steel, Timber and Masonry for telecommunication installation.


Planning Stage Survey

We have extensive experience in carrying out site surveys and producing planning drawings. The survey typically involves attending MSVs and providing structural advice regarding the suitability of the proposed equipment locations.


Detailed Design

We have design experience on all major types of telecoms site; including Rooftop; Greenfield & Street-work sites. Furthermore, we can provide full design service on “sensitive site” issues such as GRP screening; GRP chimney; Church tower conversion; & Tree Masts.

On assessment of existing buildings, such as BT Buildings for heavy cabinets, we are capable of providing full structural assessment with regard to the suitability of the existing floors and walls for the proposed penetrations, using analysis techniques acceptable to Building Regulations.

Typically we produce complete structural design calculations and full structural drawings; ensuring the integrity of the existing structure and the proposed new structure; plus meeting the full requirements of the Statutory Regulations.

Our end clients include
BT, O2, T-Mobile, H3G, Orange and Vodafone.


Geographical Area Coverage

We are based in the west midlands which makes it possible for us to provide our services throughout the country, including London Area. These services are provided through our team-members based strategically in West-Midlands, London and Cardiff.

All our team members are equipped with their own newer transportation, ensuring reliability and safety. All transportation is equipped with hands-free phone kits to ensure effective communication in a safe manner while on the road.

Data Storage and Network

All our data will be stored on web based 'CLOUD' storage systems to ensure the most up to date storage and back-up system. The CLOUD storage has commercial strength security against virus /hacking attacks.

Our web based system will ensure effective collaboration between members with any internet connection and hence more productive than traditional, centralized office setup.

Quality Process
We have a company policy where all designs and reports will be checked and approved by a second qualified team member prior to issue, ensuring Consistency and Quality of our designs.

Health and Safety Policy
All our survey staffs have appropriate Health and Safety awareness and training.


Some Projects


Antenna mounting on chimney

Design of Stub tower and Roof top installations



Design of telecoms installation on Water tower



Green Field Site: Survey & Design